Can anyone listen to my Cellphone conversations?

Can anyone listen to my cellphone conversations?

The short answer is yes, there are several ways your conversations can be listen to.

2013 Stingray IMSI catcher
  • IMSI catchers deceive cellphone users into thinking they’re connected to a network like Verizon or AT&T. Instead the device captures the phone’s signal, and in some cases, intercepts the contents of calls and texts. The IMSI catcher takes advantage of cellphones inability to authenticate cell towers on the 2G service and will block the 3G and 4G signals forcing the use of the 2G service. Most people will not know they are on a spying 2G service. Some people still have phones that can only us 2G service, and it’s still in use in rural areas because the older cell towers have not been replaced.
  • Spyware programs could have been downloaded to your phone without your knowledge. However, the signs of someone tracking your phone can be apparent because of the performance issues they cause, such as a long delay during a phone shutdown, the back light remains on even after the phone is switched off, random and odd activity like distortions on your screen or programs installing on their own, hearing clicking or beeping sounds during conversations, and the phone is warm despite not being in use.
  • Apps such as, DDI Utilities will remotely access texts, calls, GPS, Facebook, and Twitter from the target phone and display that information on the spy’s cell phone, tablet or computer.
  • Some people have also disabled the ringer on their cell phone then hidden it in a spot where their target, person they want to listen too, frequents then calling the phone while the target is at said place and then listening through the hidden cellphone’s mic.
  • Apps such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter will access a user’s cellphone mic which could then listen in for information that can be put to an advertiser use. Although said companies say the collected audio data is not shared with third parties without consent, there is plenty of antidotal evidence saying otherwise or perhaps that antidotal evidence really came out of a permission given to a third party. Facebook put out a statement in response: “We can’t identify background noise and conversation. Sounds are only used to find a match to a song or movie and are never stored. To be clear, the app is only listening while you’re writing a status.

Prevention of stealth listeners

Cellphone users can prevent bugging devices access to information through the SIM card if the users have the cell phone service providers change the SIM card and reprogram phone back to original settings.

Do not allow anyone to access your phone because spy software can be downloaded to a phone in a matter of minutes SIM cards can also be exchanged for cards that will allow calls to be listened in on.

Remove the battery when the phone is not in use. Some cell phone spyware is able to convert a cell phone into a microphone and is able to pick up surrounding conversations. Once the software is downloaded onto a phone, everything in the vicinity of the phone can be heard even if the phone is turned off. Removing the battery from your phone will prevent this program from operation since the phone will not have a power source.

Purchase a bug Detector. Cell phone bug detectors can detect a variety of listening devices that maybe interfering with your phone.

Only install trusted apps that are from the major app stores: Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Apple iTunes, and Microsoft’s Windows store. Third-party app stores often host malicious apps, usually disguised as popular apps.